There's more to death than dying

Gift yourself the power of time and choice

End of Life Planning

Dying with your voice being heard

Making the journey easier for those you love


Time is precious

don't waste a moment,

spend it with your

loved ones

Have you ever wondered how you will cope when that significant person

in your life dies?  

Have you ever been so overwhelmed with emotions that you have lost

sight of what needs to be done?

Have you had an end of life conversation with your loved one

about what your or their wishes are?

I understand, most people struggle with these same questions.

You're not alone and I'm here to guide you as far as you need me. 

Legal Document, Checking text on a Document

End of Life Conversation & Documentation

End of Life wishes both your personal and medical plan, known as Advance Care Planning.

Holding Hands

Emotional, Spiritual & Physical Support

Also Coordinate all aspects of
End of Life.


Assist in creating your legacy

Share your story, memories, achievements and more in the most simple or creative ways.


So much more..

At your request I can be by your side and those of your loved ones.

Organise your Funeral and

So much more.....


"You have no control over the hand that life deals you, but how you play that hand is entirely up to you"

- Voltaire 


3 steps to make life easier

reach out today and take the pressure off you and your loved ones.

Laptop & Coffee

Step 1

Discuss your wishes regarding family, friends, personal, end of life, 

your legacy, funeral

and more.

How much more is

entirely up to you.

Step 2

I'll explain how I work in
the background, coordinating all agreed aspects taking
the burden and pressure
off the family, whilst
gracefully walking the
path alongside you & supporting you.

Step 3

Moving forward taking
one day at a time,
whilst being flexible to
change and working
together to ensure
you feel safe and 


Packages Offered

"Anna offers a service that’s like
the most wonderful gift you could wish for,
but didn’t know how much you were longing for it until you unwrapped it",
- Maryanne B

Forest Trees

Peace of Mind

Ultimate carers package.

Free your mind, allowing you

to focus on you and your loved one.


Let's do it

"My Way"

As each person I work with is UNIQUE, we can tailor a package together that is perfect for you.


By your Side

Not able to be there to say your goodbye's, don't live with regrets.

Let's bridge the gap between you and your loved one


Building Hope

It's the moment you least expect!. Not you, not your loved one. Sudden and/or unexpected

I hear you at a time when nobody else does on a level that nobody else can. 


Health Professionals


In Service

Do you want to ensure you are up to date with what

is available for your clients?

Booking an information session is the ideal opportunity for me to share with your team the benefits of having an End of Life Coordinator.

If you would like to further educate your team on what services are available contact me to arrange to be at your next in service.



1 - Provide me with two dates to work with,

2 - Advise me how long I have to speak,

3 - Let me know who I'm speaking in front of.

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Clients I've worked with

My inspiration as an End of Life Coordinator is to bring empowerment,
education, resources and peace around death.
Provide strength and hope to the remaining family and friends.


Loved one
with the
Life Limiting

Partner, Family
Friends of
the Loved one


in Full Health

of all Ages

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